NWORK International was established at the beginning of 2016 as a result of professional efforts of 7 years, laying down the foundations in 2009. Our company has entered the sector with a high amount of investments by a professional team engaging in the real estate, tourism and a few commercial areas. 


Our company is committed to the principle “win-win” as the main philosophy and, implements the NETWORK MARKETING as the marketing method applicable within its operation system. We have come up with a perfect business plan after all the major systems applicable both in the world and in our country have been reviewed and, the points, where the distributor do lose and are lost, have been identified.


As a main product group, we have made use of NIGELLA, a miracle herb. Our company is a candidate to be the world’s biggest manufacturer, distributer and seller of this highly-praised miracle herb. We are taking step and decisive steps forward to attain this target. We also make use of apicultural products and many other healthful herbs in the manufacturing of our products.