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The Member and Delivery Information as specified in the Purchase Order Summary is Valid.

Delivery Date: The Products shall be delivered within the shortest time possible, which shall not exceed the legal period of 30 days.

Mode of Delivery: Delivery by hand through courier to the address specified.


This Sales Agreement Preliminary Information Form is intended to set forth the rights and obligations of the parties hereto as per the pertinent provisions of the Law No. 6502 on Protection of Consumers and, of the Regulations on Distance Contracts in connection with the sales and delivery of the product/ products, which is/are sold by SELLER to ORDERING PARTY / BUYER through the web sitewww.nwork.com.tr, the qualifications and the sales price of which are specified hereunder. The user agreement is a supplemental and integral part of this agreement.

3. AGE:

Those under 18 (eighteen) are not allowed to do shopping from the web site www.nwork.com.tr. SELLER shall assume that the age specified by BUYER on the agreement is true and correct. However, SELLER shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever due to the fact the information submitted by BUYER about the age is not accurate.


”You are entitled to withdraw from the agreement without the need to indicate any reason and pay any compensation, within 14 (fourteen) days of the conclusion of this agreement or the receipt of the respective goods. We hereby commit that within the withdrawal period, we shall not ask you to make any payment whatsoever or submit any document that may put you under any obligation in consideration of the goods or services hereunder and, we shall receive back the respective goods within not later than 14 (fourteen) days as from the date we have received the notice concerning the withdrawal.”


a. Agreements in connection with the goods prepared as per the wishes or personal requirements of the consumer.

b. Agreements in connection with the delivery of the goods that may be quickly perishable or expired.

c. Agreements in connection with the delivery of the goods, the protective elements of which have been opened after the delivery thereof such as packaging, tapes, seals, packages etc., and which are not suitable for returning due to health and hygiene related reasons.

d. Agreements in connection with digital contents and computer consumables offered in physical environment if the packaging thereof has been opened after the delivery.

e. Agreements in connection with the services, which have started to be performed and carried out upon the approval of the consumer prior to the expiration of the period of the right of withdrawal.

6. Any expense that may arise from the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by SELLER. Accepting this agreement, BUYER agree in advance that it has been informed of the right of withdrawal.

7. Right of withdrawal may only be exercised if SELLER has been provided a notice in writing within the said period of 14 (fourteen) days by means of certified mail, fax or e-mail and, if the respective product has not been used within the framework of the provisions hereof concerning “Products on which Right of Withdrawal may not be Exercised”. In case of any exercise of this right: Invoice of the respective product delivered to the respective individual or BUYER (both copies thereof), return invoice in case of a corporate customer, with a return form, the boxes, packaging and standards accessories of the respective products, which are to be returned, should be returned in a complete and undamaged manner.

8. In case the exercise of right of withdrawal cause the limit of a campaign organized by SELLER be lowered, then the discount amount granted under the scope of the campaign shall be cancelled.

9. Each product under the scope of the agreement shall be delivered to BUYER or the respective individual and/or corporation at the address as specified by BUYER to that end depending on the distance of the residential place of BUYER, on the condition that the legal period of 30 days shall not be exceeded. In case of the failure to deliver the respective goods to BUYER, then BUYER reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

10. Before the expiration of the period of performance obligation arising from the agreement, SELLER may supply a different product, which has the same quality and the same price, by means of informing BUYER accordingly and, obtaining the explicit approval of BUYER.

11. In case of the failure to deliver the products hereunder within due time due to force majeure events beyond the control of and not foreseeable by the parties, which may prevent and/or delay the parties from the fulfillment of their respective obligations, SELLER hereby agrees that it shall inform BUYER accordingly within 3 business days. In such case, BUYER shall be entitled to request SELLER to cancel the respective purchase order, replace it with an equivalent order and/or postpone the delivery thereof.

12. BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that BUYER shall confirm this agreement under electronic environment for the delivery of the respective products hereunder, that in case of the failure to pay the price of the respective products hereunder due to any reason whatsoever or in case it is cancelled on the respective bank records, the obligation of SELLER to deliver the respective products hereunder shall cease, and that in case the respective products hereunder have been already sent, BUYER shall return the respective products hereunder within 3 days, provided that the transportation costs thereof shall be borne by SELLER.

13. In case that the purchase order has been cancelled or the respective products have been returned by BUYER, the respective amount less the appropriate deductions (commissions, taxes, premiums and legal receivables) from 100% of the net original cost of BUYER shall be returned to the credit card or bank account, from which the respective payment has been made, within 14 days. BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that SELLER may not be held responsible for any delay of the bank in the reflection of the amount returned to the credit card on the account of BUYER.

14. In case BUYER goes into default when it makes the payment through a credit card, BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that BUYER shall pay the losses and damages suffered by SELLER due to the delayed settlement of the debts.

15. BUYER shall inspect the respective goods/ services hereunder before the receipt thereof and, shall not take delivery of any damaged and defective goods/ services such as those crushed, broken, worn packages etc. by means of having the respective courier company issued a report. Any foods/ services received shall be deemed undamaged.

16. You may return products through our contracted courier company for free of charge. In case of any shipment sent through different courier companies, the sender shall assume the cost thereof. 17. In case of any dispute arising from the performance of this agreement, the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems and Consumer Courts located in the residential places of BUYER or SELLER shall be competent up to the value as declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in December each year.

18. The sales prices including all the taxes, the payment and, product information, delivery, courier and invoice information of the respective goods or services hereunder and, the information on BUYER and SELLER are all as specified in the respective purchase order summary.

19. You may use a credit card or bank transfer method to do shopping through http://www.nwork.com.tr. Any purchase order, for which the price has not been transferred within 1 (one) week from the date thereof shall be cancelled. The purchase orders shall start to be proceeded when the respective payments have been made, not when they are placed. Payment methods such as cash on delivery or postal check without obtaining the approval of the company shall not be acceptable.

20. BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that BUYER has read and understood the preliminary information provided on the web site of SELLER: www.nwork.com.tr on the basic qualifications, sales price and payment methods of the respective products hereunder and, granted the required approval under electronic environment. BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that BUYER has been completely and adequately informed about the requirement to confirm the Preliminary Information under electronic environment, the address that need to be provided by SELLER to BUYER before the conclusion of the respective distance contract, the basic qualifications of the respective products, for which a purchase order has been placed, the product price including taxes, the courier fee if any, the payment and delivery information, that it has the right of withdrawal and, the conditions about the exercise of the right of withdrawal, and the remedies in respect of possible complaints.

21. Upon the approval of this agreement under electronic environment, BUYER hereby agrees, represents and commits that BUYER has read and understood the USER AGREEMENT published on the web site of SELLER: www.nwork.com.tr, it shall act in accordance with these rules and, that USER AGREEMENT is a supplemental and integral part of this agreement.