In case I am accepted as a distributor, I hereby agree and acknowledge the points provided hereunder.

1. I act on my own behalf individually and, I am at the age of 18 or more than 18.

2. I have read the booklet containing the company principles of Nwork International Sağlık ve Güzellik Ticaret ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as “Nwork International”) and, participated in the respective seminary. I have decided to be a representative of Nwork International.

3. This application form shall serve as a binding agreement between me and Nwork International once it has been approved by Nwork International and, I have purchased a product from Nwork International for a price not less than USD 150, considering the selling rate of exchange of Nwork International, within 7 days from the approval date.

4. I shall act independently in respect of selling products to consumers. I hereby agree that I am not an employee of Nwork International for any purpose whatsoever, that the fee I shall receive is not on the working hours or luck but on my performance in respect of inspection, distributorship, sales and consultancy I display during the sales and delivery of the respective products and, I shall assume all the taxes including the withholding pertaining to the fee I shall receive.

5. After the distributor application form has been approved, at least USD 50 of all types of my purchases during the distributorship term out of the purchase in the amount of USD 150 from Nwork International (except purchase considering the selling rate of exchange of Nwork International) should be based on the selling rate of exchange of Nwork International.

6. I have read the company principles of Nwork International and, I hereby agree that I shall comply with the terms and conditions contained therein. I agree that in case I have conducted or failed to conduct in such a manner that may result in misuse, misrepresentation and breach of these principles, the distributor agreement between me and Nwork International maybe terminated (without any notice period granted by Nwork International and, without any right granted to me to request compensation). I hereby agree that in case the distributor application form is signed by me and another individual, both of us shall be jointly and severally responsible for complying with the company principles.

7. I hereby agree that Nwork International may make at any time changes, corrections and rearrangements on this agreement’s terms and the company principles in order to sustain an applicable marketing strategy and, comply with such legal amendments and requirements on economic conditions, and that I shall perform and carry out my business operations in accordance with these changes, corrections and rearrangement upon the receipt thereof.

8. I hereby commit that I shall represent the products and principles of Nwork International in the best manner and, I shall present to the general directorate of Nwork International and obtain a written approval therefrom any types of advertisement materials, including but not limited audio and visual records, and printed materials before using them.

9. I shall pay the prices of all products including taxes if any by means of a credit card or bank transfer to the company’s account.

10. I may terminate this agreement by means of sending a written notice to Nwork International at any time from the notification date and, if I have decided to terminate this agreement, all of the products I have purchased from Nwork International, which are under my possession under merchantable conditions shall be repurchased within the first one month in accordance with the principles of Nwork International.

11. Nwork International shall provide me as a distributor with all products and, assess the sales I have made, as per the respective company principles of Nwork International.

12. Nwork International shall assess all the sales I have made during my distributorship and, grant me the respective rights as set forth under the company principles of Nwork International, provided that I comply with this agreement.

13. This agreement is personal by nature and, not possible to be assigned and transferred except death. In case of death, if there are inheritors among the first degree relatives with the qualifications required to act as a distributor, then this agreement shall be transferred to an individual the said inheritors among themselves within 1 month of the death or to an individual elected by Nwork International among the inheritors if there is no mutual agreement reached in this respect.

14. All types of disputes that may arise between a Distributor and Nwork International shall be settled by the Istanbul central courts as per the pertinent laws of the Republic of Turkey.

15. I hereby agree that I shall operate as a distributor of Nwork International in good faith and, I hereby declare that I have no criminal record.