• Can everybody enroll with the network marketing system?

    Everyone older than 18 may register with the network marketing system.



  • How will I make the payment after placing the order?

    You may make the payments by means of your credit cards or transferring to our account numbers through the syste

  • How can I be a distributor?

    After you have participated in the initial training provided by our company for free of charge, you should complete the Distributor Application Form and, submit the same to our company or your sponsor together with copy of your identification card and 1 passport photo. You will be able to sign in on the system after you have purchased the initial package required to act as a Distributor.


  • Can I place an order without being a Distributor?

    Yes. You may register with the system through our web site and, make use of the advantage to purchase products at discounted prices.

  • How could I view my sub members and bonuses?

    For each distributor, an account management page on www.nwork.org or www.nwork.com.tr. Through this page, you could monitor your career, sub teams and bonuses.

  • What are the payment options?

    • Cash

    • Credit Card

    • Bank Transfers options are available.

  • How are the bonus payments made?

    Your bonus payments are deposited to your bank accounts on 20th day of each month. Question: Which courier company do you work with? Answer: Our contracted courier company is Yurtiçi Kargo. Question: Do we need to pay for your training activities and organizations? Answer: No fee is asked from our guests for the training activities and organizations of the company.