1. Any user, who has agreed to act as a distributor of NWORK, shall be deemed to have accepted all the articles and provisions listed below.

2. A distributor is obliged to enter all the registration information in an accurate and complete manner during the registration with the system. It is required to update all such information, which may be subsequently found out inaccurate. Otherwise, the right to act as a distributor shall be immediately revoked.

3. Those under 18 (eighteen) are not allowed to act as a distributor within the system of NWORK. The Company (NWORK) shall assume that the age specified by the distributor on the agreement is true and correct. However, the Company shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever due to the fact the information submitted by the distributor about the age is not accurate.

4. A distributor may not be a member of any network marketing company other than NWORK. In case this case is found out, it may continue to act as a distributor of NWORK by means of submitting the documents within 7 business days proving that the said license/ licenses have been revoked, otherwise the respective agreement shall be unilaterally terminated cancelling all the respective rights.

5. Any actions performed and carried out by a distributor shall be under the scope of the concept “INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTORS”. According to its corporate rules, NWORK shall not allow its corporate logo to be used for such actions.

6. A distributor may not engage in any action that may result in misuse of the name of NWORK.

7. Products shall be purchased in cash or using another payment method that is acceptable to NWORK.

8. A distributor may not use the card of others to do shopping “in such a manner that may constitute a crime”.

9. Any purchase of packages during the registration with the system shall be made over the package prices as defined on the system.

10. A distributor shall be obliged to apply the exact prices as set by the NWORK for the sales of products.

11. In case of purchase orders for TL 200 and higher, the courier cost shall be borne by NWORK.

12. A distributor shall be responsible for their own decisions and expenses.

13. Once the right to act as a distributor of NWORK has been obtained, it shall remain valid for lifetime if at least one sales point is received.

14. In case a distributor does not perform any action within the first one year (product shipment, enrollment of other distributors, participation in seminaries etc.), it may start operating with another sponsor upon the approval of the company.

15. Receipt of the products planned to be returned shall take place within the first 14 days after the delivery thereof to the respective individual. A product that is to be received as a return should be under original conditions, and of merchantable quality. Original conditions and merchantability mean that the boxes and packaging of a product should not have been damaged.

16. NWORK shall not allow speeches or publications aimed for disease treatment on social media or events. Such actions not allowed shall be under the direct responsibility of the respective distributor. In case such actions have been found out, first a warning shall be issued, in case of continuance thereof, the respective bonuses shall not be paid and, in case of insistence, then the distributor license shall be immediately terminated by the company.

17. A distributor shall be entitled to transfer the “responsibilities and rights” in the capacity of a distributor to a first degree relative at the age of more than 18, only for once and upon the approval of the company.

18. In case a distributor resigns returning the products it possesses and, then wants to start again with the organization of NWORK; it may obtain a new license and becomes distributor 12 calendar months after the resignation date, with the approval of the company, provided that it shall start with its previous sponsor and, receive products in such amount it has had returned.

19. Right of a distributor to act as a distributor of NWORK shall be immediately revoked in case of wrongful distributorship or intentional faults during distributorship. In case a distributor is ill-intentioned, a written statement shall be asked from all the parties affected this malicious intention. NWORK reserves the right to make the final decision in this respect. Notifications for penalty shall be attributable to all individuals involved in the said case. In such case, no bonuses left as a remaining balance shall be considered.

20. Sponsorship for a distributor of another team or spouse of that distributor shall be deemed “improper sponsorship”. The right to act as a distributor shall be immediately revoked for an individual, who has been found out to act as an improper sponsor. After the right to act as a distributor has been revoked, all distributors with wrong sponsors shall be transferred to the right sponsors. NWORK reserves the right to identify the right sponsors.

21. Spouses may only be the first line for each other, in such case the promotions and rewards should be earned separately. In case B as spouse of A, is found to be a distributor of another group without the approval of NWORK, the right of B to act as a distributor shall be immediately terminated and, all distributors under B shall be transferred to the right sponsors.

22. 1st degree relatives (mother, father, children) may not receive distributorship from another sponsor without the approval of the company. In case of determination of such situation, their rights to act as a distributor shall be revoked.

23. Beneficiary: a) A distributor may appoint a beneficiary among the 1st degree reletives. In case this is not notified, a beneficiary is to be specified among the first-degree relatives. In case of dispute, the court shall decide in this respect. All rights shall be held by NWORK until the court procedures have been completed. b) Beneficiary continuous with the system with the same ID information.

24. The payment plan announced is formed in line with the company’s principles. The company and the distributors shall be required to comply with this plan.

25. A distributor may not, whether directly or indirectly, encourage, compel or seek assistance from another distributor to appoint another sponsor. In case some individuals are found to have supported financially, tangibly or intangibly in respect of this action, the right to be act as a distributor shall be immediately revoked.

26. Condition for activity of a distributor; there must be two individuals enrolled by the distributor with the system and, these individuals must be placed in different branches of the binary tree.

27. The vehicle fund, career bonus and annual profit shares under the payment plan shall be paid by NWORK as a premium for one time only during the career progress payment.

28. In case a user recorded as a customer fails to perform any transaction (purchase of products or packages) within 72 hours, the user shall be immediately delisted.

29. NWORK reserves the full and absolute right that NWORK may change, diverse, correct or rearrange at any time the Distributor Rules and Regulations, the Code of Conducts, NWORK Marketing Plan and any policy of this plan and, also NWORK may cancel, suspend or terminate the right to act as a distributor of an existing distributor or any person whenever necessary, and that NWORK may carry out such actions and transactions without any further notification whatsoever.