Unless otherwise specified by the Company for a certain country or region, a new Distributor may return its first product purchase as per the return policy described hereunder.

A Distributor may, within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the respective purchase order, return only such products not opened and damaged in a merchantable condition and, receive the respective amount less the appropriate deductions (including but not limited to carrier fees, bonuses, taxes or commissions paid to the Distributor) from 100% (hundred percent) of the net original cost of the Distributor) and legal receivables in connection therewith, if any.

In case a Distributor requests a refund for 100% (hundred percent) of its first purchase order, the Company shall be entitled to terminate the right of the Distributor to act as a Distributor of the Company. In case the Company has explicitly informed the Distributor that the products are seasonal, the production thereof has ceased or they are special promotional products, which are not under the obligation to receive back, before the purchase thereof, then no money shall be refunded.

Replacement with new products:

A Distributor, who wishes to return a deficient or damaged product and, receive a new product instead, shall be required to comply with the following procedure:

1. No money shall be refunded a Distributor, to whom a deficient or damaged product has been sent, but the product shall be replaced with an equal product.

2. A Distributor or a customer, who wishes a replacement product, is required to call or sending an e-mail to the Customer Services Department of the Company, and obtain a Product Return Permit (hereinafter referred to as the “Product Return Permit”) within 3 business days from the date the Distributor or customer does not accept the respective product. In case of a partial deficient or damage on the respective product, the Distributor may file a return request only for the part specified on the Delivery Order as deficient or damaged.

3. The Distributor or the customer shall be required to provide an explanation on and send the following in / together with the letter sent to the Company: (1) Reason for replacement, (2) the Company’s Product Return Permit number as specified on the return request form, which needs to be completed by the Distributor and (3) all the original copies of the invoice issued by NWORK INTERNATIONAL, (4) the respective photos, delivery reports and other documents proving the claim of the Distributor or the customer.

4. The Distributor is required to pay the Company the carrier fee in advance. The Company shall not accept the packages required to be paid by the recipient.

5. After the expiration of 14 (fourteen) days of Waiting Period, the Company shall not refund for the sales aid materials, promotional materials, sales kits and other marketing materials purchased by the Distributor, since it is not mandatory to purchase these materials, which may be purchased at the sole discretion of the Distributor.

6. The Company may change the return policy for the purpose of complying with the applicable laws, regulations or rules in the respective country.

7. A Distributor shall be subject to adjustments and deductions on the Commissions paid for the product returned by other Distributors within the organization of the Distributor.

8. No money shall be refunded by the Company by hand. Money refunds shall be deposited to the bank account debited by the Company for the respective purchase order or to the credit card or bank card, from which the price of the respective purchase has been received by the Company.

9. The Company shall immediately initiate the procedures to Terminate the Right to Act as a Distributor for any Distributor, who has objected to the amount received from the credit card/ bank card of the Distributor and/or to the payment paid to the credit card / bank card of the Distributor.

10. In case of any dispute arising from the performance of this agreement, the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems and Consumer Courts shall be competent up to the value as declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in December each year.

11. This product replacement policy shall be valid only for the products concerning the Company. Upon the fulfillment of the purchase order, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted all these terms and conditions.